Olea Corcoran

The world has many edges, and it's easy to fall off.

2012 - Yanes Family

I looked after a boy, 2 and a half years old, for a couple of months at the end of 2012. He was very intelligent and active, almost every morning we left the house for the beach, the park, the play centre. Because of his stubborn nature, it was important for me to introduce new ideas carefully, when he was ready to listen, and to be very clear about rules and expectations. We also spent a lot of time talking and increasing his (already large) vocabulary, and working on simple mathematics concepts, in the context of play. 

2012 - Bird Family

For most of 2012, I cared for a girl, who turned 7, and a boy, who turned 5, while I was working for this family. The boy attended kindergarten 2 days a week, and the girl attended school every day. I would help to get the children ready for the day, prepare food, help with homework and reading, prepare simple mathematics and literacy tasks such as cooking or writing in the sand. After school, we would often visit a playground or library, sometimes the beach. During school holidays, we would go to the city (an hour’s drive away) and visit the art gallery and museum, build a fort with blankets and chairs, visit the beach or the swimming pool, or just spend the day playing at home with the rabbits, doing art and crafts activities, or playing with dolls, trains and lego. These kids liked to chat about science, and were especially interested in concepts such as gravity, inertia, and how plants grow. 

2011 - Glossop Family

This job was mostly during after-school times, picking up the 4 year old girl from kinder and playing in the playground with her until her brother (7) was finished school. We would then get ready for his soccer practice or do activities until their mother arrived home from work. These guys enjoyed doing experiments in the kitchen - making cupcakes without a recipe, jumping on the trampoline, going for bush walks, or having a dance party at home.

2003-2012 - Babysitting, Various Families

I have worked as a babysitter from a couple of hours to a week at a time, for many different families. These jobs have been from babies as young as 1 month to children as old as 15, sometimes only one child and up to 5 children at a time. I have helped children with their homework, put them to sleep, read to them, played many kinds of games together, and generally been attentive to them and their interests.