Olea Corcoran

The world has many edges, and it's easy to fall off.


Dear Airbus,

My favourite part is the takeoff, the plane running faster and faster until it lifts into the sky. Its speed matches my excitement, slowly building until we're lifted off the ground and we are flying.

I know how you feel, in that moment. Everything you've been doing in the recent past has all been with the aim of getting into the air, but right now you have to fully commit, or it'll all end in disaster. And it's scary, because you have to be sure you've prepared completely, now it is time for action, but it's easy for doubt to creep in.

Underneath that doubt, though, is a layer of calm. You can do this. You've done this a hundred times before. This is exactly where you want to be right now, where you should be.

And then, as the wheels let go of the runway with a gentle kiss, and retract back into the plane, there is only joy that comes from satisfaction and anticipation.

I know exactly how you feel.